2020 Christmas Tree Guide

Updated: 7/31/2020

We are planning to implement changes in 2020 in anticipation of continued COVID-19 restrictions. If restrictions are lifted, we will resume our regular offerings.

For 2020 we will shift our focus to making  cutting your own Christmas Tree at our Farm a very safe and stress-free activity for the whole family…..This activity is intrinsically safe because:

  1. It’s an outdoor activity
  2. Our rows are generally 6 or more feet apart
  3. Our trees are spread out all over the farm

We also plan to implement the following changes to further protect our customers and staff:

  1. Masks for all customers and staff
  2. A reservation system to control the flow of customers and provide assurance that we will have a spot for you
  3. Distanced parking
  4. Improved customer circulation
  5. Reduced number of customers per hour
  6. Expanded days of operation
  7. Pre-order for wreaths and other decorating items
  8. Pre-pay options for touchless transactions
  9. Standardized tree processing to minimize interaction
While we expect to streamline our operation to focus on social distancing, we will still have a great selection of cut-your-own trees, fresh-cut trees, wreaths, tree stands and decorating items. Please check back for updates as the season approaches, including new days of operation (including a November 21st opening day), how to secure a reservation, our tree inventory and any updates due to changing COVID guidance.

Thank you for your support.

Kurt, Karen, Evan, Schuyler, Adam and Ellen Emmerich….Family and Friends


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