What are your tree prices?

Cut-your-own trees: All species

4-5ft (Blue Tag) $60

5-6ft (Red Tag) $70

6-7ft (Yellow Tag) $85

7-8ft (Orange Tag) $100

8+ft (White Tag) $110


 Fresh Cut Fraser Firs:

7′-8′ (Purple Tag) $110, 

8′-9′ (Pink Tag) $125 

Our pre-cut trees are premium grade trees.

Prices include tax (for 2020).

At checkout, you will be charged the above prices and your pre-payment (if applicable) will be credited as $40….keeping change simple.

Thank you

What size are your trees?

We maintain our inventory daily, so please see the inventory tab for availability.  

Do you sell Christmas decorations & wreaths?

Yes, we sell a variety of decorated & undecorated wreaths, Roping/garland (25′ bundles), and seasonal decorations for your home including ornaments, signs, candles, handmade woodcrafts, and more. For 2020 please pre-order these items and we will have them ready for you to pick up at the farm. Please check back in early November to see our store items available this year, and for instructions on how to pre-order and pre-pay.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Unfortunately for 2020 we will ask you to leave your furry friends home. Dogs may drag you into situations that will violate distancing protocols, which is unsafe for you and not fair to others .

How will reservations work for 2020?

Reservations will be required for 2020.

Reservations will be booked through our website.  Reservations cost $40 plus a small service fee. The $40 reservation amount can then be applied towards any tree or retail purchase at the farm (service fee cannot be applied).

How will tree processing and checkout work for 2020?

Once your choose or cut your tree, trees will be brought to the processing area.  New for 2020, we will have a drop zone for your tree.  You will remove the tag placed on your tree and bring it to the cashier for payment.

All trees will be processed by our team using industry standards. (Fresh straight bottom cut, all branches trimmed 6″ from the base, tree shaking, tree baling).  Your tree tag will have your parking space and name, so we will automatically transport it to your vehicle after processing.

Will food be available for 2020?

No food will be available for 2020. 

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19

We are reworking our entire process to ensure the safety of our guests and employees.

  • Reservation system to control guest flow- Guests will enjoy 1/3 of our historical peak visitor volume
  • Distanced parking spaces
  • No tractor rides to maintain 6′ of distancing for all guests
  • Pre-tagged trees with online pricing list
  • No contact/conversation tree processing and transport
  • Protected point of sale with glass divider
  • Reduced retail footprint and inventory to facilitate distancing
  • No food/beverage options
  • New saw distribution system with saw sanitation after each use
  • New wayfinding signage
  • Masks required for employees and guests

Do you supply saws?

Yes, we supply bowsaws for your use.  We do not allow guests to bring any power tools.

Can we select a tree in the field and have you cut the tree down for us?

Sorry, we are a cut-your-own farm and encourage you to cut-your-own.  We will make exceptions if you are uncomfortable or do not feel safe cutting your own, but we encourage guests who do not want to cut their own trees to purchase one of our fresh-cuts.

What type of Christmas Tree species do you sell?

We sell a variety of Spruce, Pine, and Fir trees.  Check our inventory page for information on sizing and availability.

When are you open?

For 2020 we will expand our days of operation and slow down the flow of customers in order to allow effective social distancing. ALL CUSTOMERS MUST GO ONLINE AND BOOK A RESERVATION TO BE ADMITTED. 

Anticipated days and hours of operation are:

  • Sat. and Sun., November 21 and 22…..  9AM-4PM
  • Fri., Sat., Sunday, November 27-29….. 9AM-4PM 
  • Sat. and Sun., December 5-6 ….. 9AM-4PM

Will you help wrap up and load my tree?

For 2020 we will make some adjustments in tree handling to assure social distancing, but we will continue to provide the full service. We will provide a second cut, trimming of the lower branches, shake your tree to remove any loose needles, drill your tree if needed, and wrap your tree up with our baler to make it easier to transport.  Then we will transport it to your vehicle on one of our tractors.  We will ask your cooperation in maintaining social distance while our workers tie the tree to your car. If you would like we will simply provide twine for you to secure your tree, just be sure to check your load before you leave and transport the tree with the butt end facing the front of your vehicle.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit and debit cards.

Do you offer free parking?

Yes, parking is free at Emmerich Tree Farm, but we do ask that families carpool, since we do have limited space in our lot.  Families arriving in groups cannot be guaranteed parking in the same location, so it is best to travel together when possible.

Can we tailgate or picnic at the farm?

No. For the safety of our guests we do not allow any tailgating at our farm.  We also ask that families not bring food or drinks with them besides the basics.  We offer food, basic beverages, and snacks for purchase at the farm, including free hot chocolate for families that purchase a tree.

Can I bring a trailer?

No. We do not allow trailers anymore at our farm.  We have limited parking capabilities in our lot and we are unable to park trailers safely.  We will help you secure your tree to your vehicle.

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