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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q.What are the tree prices?….A. Ranging from $30 for a 3ft potted fir to $75 for 8-9 ft fresh cut Frasier Fir. Choose-and-cut trees are $45-$70 , depending on size and species. Prices include sales tax.

2. Q. Do you supply saws?….A. Yes we supply bow saws for your use (we can’t allow you to bring your own chainsaw…  :-(   …)

3. Q. What are the tallest cut-your-own trees?….A. Our tallest cut-your-own trees are Scotch Pine (7-9 ft), White Pine (7+ ft), Norway, White and Blue Spruce (7+ ft.) and Douglas Fir (7+ft) we also have Frasier Fir from North Carolina if you can’t find what you want in our field. We maintain our inventory daily, so please see the inventory tab for availability

4. Q. Can I bring my dog?….A. Dogs are welcome if on a leash,. and if they are used to behaving with children and other dogs around. If a dog is unruly, we will have to ask that they be removed, for the enjoyment of others.

5.Q. Is the hot chocolate FREE?….A. YES, to those families that purchase a tree

6. Q. What type of christmas tree species do you sell?…A. Please see our Inventory  page for an updated list of what we have to offer

7. Q. Do you have music?….A. We have recorded holiday music playing at our Pavilion.

8. Q. When should I come for the best selection?….A. The earlier you come the better the selection!

9. Q. Do you help with wrapping the tree up?….A. Yes, we have a baler, which wraps your tree up tight so that it is easier to travel with.

10. Q. Will you help me load my tree up for the trip home?….A. Yes, we will assist you with loading your tree into your trunk or we will help you to get it on the roof of your vehicle.

11. Q. Do I have to drill the tree once I get it home?….A. No, your tree will be ready to go. We will trim the tree to your desired length, then drill the tree for the stand-straight stands if needed.  We will also shake the tree to get any old needles off. We provide the full service!

12. Q. How long will the needles last? A. Our choose and cut trees will retain their needles deep into January as long as the tree is watered. The fresh cut Frasier Fir should also last thru mid-January without appreciable needle loss.

13. Q. Do you take credit/Debit Cards? ….A. Yes. We use the Square credit card system- VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards accepted

14. Q. How do I make my christmas tree last? ….A.  Check out our 30 second video below!