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Welcome to our Site.

Opening Day is Tomorrow! We’re all plowed, our fresh-cut Frasier Firs are covered and protected from the snow….and the best trees are in the fields waiting for the early birds to come at 9AM tomorrow. We’ll be fully staffed and ready to assist you with everything from tree advice, to limbing and trimming  to your needs, shaking, baling, a wagon ride to your car and help tying the tree to your car.

We'll also have the fire ready for you!

We’ll also have the fire ready for everyone tomorrow morning!


We’re now at a point where over 300 of our trees are 6ft or taller….

We will have many more species to choose from in the 6ft size: Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Serbian Spruce, White and Scotch Pine and Douglas and some Canaan Fir. They’re all sheared and looking good! PLEASE SEE OUR INVENTORY TAB…WHICH WILL BE UPDATED DAILY THROUGH THE SEASON.

In the farmstand, we plan to increase our offerings…including the addition of more hand-made wood products, New York State Maple Syrup, and some additional goodies for cold tree-cutters! We’re preparing to deliver the real Christmas Tree Experience to you and your family for the 2014 season, and we hope you will join us on the farm.   

Thanks, and we’ll see you Friday, November 28th 2014 for the start of our next season. Until then, we’ll take good care of the trees!

Kurt, Karen, Evan and Adam Emmerich


We have some of our fresh cut Frasier Firs protected from the snow

We have some of our fresh cut Frasier Firs protected from the snow.


Easy Access Frasier Firs!

More Easy Access Frasier Firs!

Come take a walk in our Winter Wonderland : )

Come take a walk in our Winter Wonderland : )



We offer families the following:
For Sale:
Choose and cut Christmas trees (see our inventory)
Fresh cut Frasier Firs (see our inventory)
Potted Firs
Hand-made wreaths
“Stand-Straight” tree stands-Simple & effective
Wagon rides to-from parking and the fields
Hot chocolate and cookies
Sit by the bonfire
Hang out in the Pavilion and enjoy music (live and recorded)
Customizing the tree length
Tree shaking
Drilling for the “Stand-Straight” system
Help tying your tree to the car



Eagle Crag 029

View from the Pavilion 10/20/2013 Getting excited for the season!

Make your experience a safe one…Follow these important Tips…

  1. Wear boots or hiking shoes with good support
  2. Bring a warm coat, hat and Gloves!
  3. Watch your step…the farm is a natural environment with gopher holes, steep slopes and rough ground
  4. Check your load….we’re happy to help, but the ultimate responsibility of getting your tree home safely is yours…………your car, your tree, your responsibility

Remember…a great experience starts with a safe experience