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Welcome to the Emmerich Tree Farm website – Spring/Summer Edition

04/19/2017 -10:47am

We are excited that spring has sprung and we are busy with projects to improve the farm.

  • We have added another storage building to house our winter equipment and machines, which creates a cleaner look for weddings & events.
  • We have made cosmetic improvements to our bathrooms & kitchen space at the pavilion.
  • We have repaired the driveway to patch potholes & increase space in our round-a-bout.
  • We are adding new finer material to our farm entrance path, and have mulched around the pavilion for summer events.
  • We have added a bridal tent, which provides a space for the bridal party to congregate prior to the start of the event.


For next winter:

  • We have transplanted hundreds of 3′ Concolor Fir trees from our beds into the field to replace harvested trees.
  • We have expanded our grow area at the bottom of the field to add more trees and improve field selection.
  • Our trees on the upper hill are primed to go through good growth this season, so be sure to check the upper field come Nov./Dec.


For anyone that is interested in visiting The Emmerich Tree Farm, we provided a short list to answer frequently asked questions:

  1. If you are interested in visiting the farm to plan an event or wedding, please contact us prior to your visit.
  2. We do not provide any daily activities for the public and we are only open in the spring/summer/fall for private events.
  3. If you are traveling to the farm as a guest to an event, see our Wedding FAQ page to get a feel of the venue prior to your visit.