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Family History

The proprietors of Emmerich Tree Farm are Kurt and Karen Emmerich. Kurt grew up on the land, having planted thousands of trees on the property with his parents and siblings in the 60’s and 70’s. The Scotch pines around the ponds and the Norway and White spruce around the property were planted by the family with trees from NYSDEC’s Saratoga nursery. During this time Kurt and his brother Chris (Emmerich Greenhouses) also helped their father Lee gathering and selling Christmas Trees from their 70-acre property in Chenango County NY known as “Christmas Hill” which was planted extensively with White Spruce.
Kurt attended college at the NYS College of Environmental Science and Forestry, graduating in 1978 with an Engineering degree. At ES&F Kurt broadened his tree knowledge, and began to think of raising trees on the family property in Warwick. In the early 1980’s, Kurt and Chris planted several hundred Blue spruce on the Warwick property, but did not have the time and resources to properly care for them as they grew….nevertheless, this planting yielded many nice Christmas trees for family and friends; including several that graced Kurt and Karen’s 16-ft tall great room in their home on Foley Road in Warwick.

The Farm

Kurt and Karen purchased the property from Kurt’s family in 2005 and built a new house toward the back of the property. In 2007 they cleared 8 acres in the back of the property and planted 5,000 trees, mostly spruce. The initial planting was spruce, since Kurt had good experience growing and selling this species. At the same time, we planted several thousand firs in irrigated beds, readying them for transplant to an expansion area. In 2011, we built a pavilion for our niece’s wedding and for use during the Christmas Season and we also expanded the growing space: opening up more north-facing property for firs and expanding the beds. In spring 2012 the first expansion area was planted with transplanted firs, sustained with drip irrigation. Additional expansion is planned with a goal of 10,000 trees in the fields supported by the same number of trees in the beds, along with expanded drip irrigation.
Other future plans include an annual Earth Day/Arbor Day celebration at the farm and limited hosting of weddings, and other celebrations in the Pavilion, including the WVHS Class of 1973’s 40th reunion (yikes!).


The Trees

At Emmerich Tree Farm we grow spruce, pine and fir.
Spruce- Kurt has experience growing spruce for Christmas trees on the property. For this reason, the majority of early plantings were spruce. Several varieties of spruce are planted in the south-facing field: Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, and smaller numbers of Black Hills Spruce and Myers Spruce. Cut beginning 2013
Pine-The pines are fast growing and were planted to help develop a product quickly. Scotch Pines have allowed us to offer full-sized trees for  Christmas 2012 and 2013. They are sheared to a graceful taper (not like gumdrops) and have excellent needle retention. We also have been charmed by White pine which was our tree for the 2013 Christmas season. We are not planting any pine in the future, saving the space for spruce and fir. Cut 2013-2015
Fir- Fir trees are the riskiest part of our Christmas tree growing venture. While they have grown well so far, several varieties have proven to be finicky and it is pretty common knowledge that the firs carry more risk of winter deer damage, pest infestation and root-borne disease. They also are more susceptible to drought and damage due to exposure. We have the following fir varieties: Frasier Fir, Korean Fir, Canaan Fir, Balsam Fir,  Noble Fir, Douglas Fir and Concolor Fir. All varieties have their advantages and disadvantages; with Frasier and Korean Fir proving most successful and Noble and Concolor Fir presenting the most difficulties.   Cut  beginning  2014 (Some Douglas Firs beginning in 2013).


The Experience

At Emmerich Tree Farm we want to share our love of the outdoors, the Christmas Holiday and most of all; Christmas Trees. We will do everything we possibly can to make your Christmas tree buying experience pleasant, fruitful and deeply real. We aim to raise the best trees possible, from the best seed sources available, with no skimping on the attention each tree needs. We’re sure you will come to see the trees as we do: unique individuals that will find a special place in your home. We also plan to provide the full line of Christmas tree farm products, services, and memories including:

  1. Cut your own assistance
  2. Tree baling
  3. Tree Drilling
  4. Tree picking and cutting
  5. Tree stands
  6. Homemade wreaths
  7. Roping
  8. Complementary Hot Cocoa
  9. Cookies
  10. Campfires
  11. Wagon rides
  12. Photo Ops
  13. “Special Guests”
  14. Live entertainment

This venture brings to fruition a lifelong desire to operate a Choose-and-cut Christmas Tree farm. We look forward to serving you and your family and providing the backdrop for some of your family’s greatest memories!