How to Care for your Christmas Tree

Three Friendly Tips

1. Water

Make sure your tree has plenty of water.  The goal is to keep the water level above the base of the stump at all times in your stand.  If the water level drops below, the tree will start to dry out and this can make the tree less likely to take up water.  Be sure to get your tree into water as quickly as possible after cutting. If you are traveling a far distance, or planning some stops after picking out your tree, you can put a fresh cut on the bottom of your tree to ensure it will take water properly once it is up.

2. Good Location

It is best to put your tree in a location that is away from any heat sources in the house.  Keeping a live tree near a heater will dry it out faster.

3. No Additives

Save time and money and avoid putting additives into your tree stands.  Additives can actually impede water uptake and can be dangerous to pets and children.  We do not sell additives or preservatives at our farm for this reason.

Note: Needle Retention and tree needle color can vary greatly from species to species. Be sure to select a fresh tree and a species that has the characteristics you are looking for.

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