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Wedding FAQ

The Emmerich Tree Farm is a Rustic Wedding venue located in Warwick, NY.  This page is intended to provide information to guests that have been invited to an event at the farm or who are interested in using the venue.

  1. Q. Where is the Emmerich Tree Farm?   A. We are located at 101 Sleepy Valley Rd., Warwick, NY 10990.  The entrance to our farm has a small wooden sign with our business name and two stone pillars.  The venue is not visible from the road.

2. Q. When I arrive, where should I park?  A.  All guests should park on the driveway for an event.  Please park with the flow of traffic parallel to the driveway.  There is a drop off and turnaround area closer to the venue by the brown shed if you want to drop people off.  The walk is about 120 yards from this point to the venue.  If the driveway is full, there is an overflow parking lot near the main road.

3. Q. What type of terrain can I expect?  A.  The driveway/parking area is a gravel surface, and the path to the venue is a dirt/gravel path.  We recommend wearing appropriate footwear for safety.  The venue space is concrete and smooth bluestone surrounded by a mulched landscape.

4. Q. Can I visit the farm to check out the venue?  A.  The farm is closed to the public and is viewable by appointment only.  If you are interested in visiting the farm to prepare for an event or see the venue, please contact us by email to set up an appointment.

5. Q. What facilities are available? A.  Our event venue has a pavilion structure and a large 30′ x 60′ party tent adjacent to the pavilion.  The pavilion has a concrete slab, and the tent covers a 30′ x 40′ bluestone patio.  We have two bathrooms onsite as well as a small kitchen area that has a sink and an electric oven/stove.  There is also a fire pit with 360 degree seating below the pavilion.  The venue space has electricity, running water (hot & cold), and lighting.

6. Q. Can we drive down the path to the venue?  A.  No vehicles are allowed down the walking path without the permission of Emmerich Tree Farm staff.  This is to ensure safety for all guests and visitors.

7. Q. We are interested in booking an event at The Emmerich Tree Farm, what do we do next?  A.  Email us at to schedule a viewing of the venue.  We will send you a copy of our Pavilion Use Policy to review prior to your scheduled visit.