Welcome to the webpage for the June 30, 2018 WVHS 45th Reunion for the Class of 1973.

We will be posting further info as things develop, but we wanted to extend an invitation to the Classes of 1972 and 1974 as well. The Class of 1974 committee has indicated that they will be focusing on their 45 next year, and do not want to count this year as a reunion……but our invitation stands…..just plan on attending both this year and next year if you’re from Class of 74……… We still have not spoken with Class of 1972.

The reunion will be an afternoon-evening affair at Emmerich Tree Farm. We will offer great food,  entertainment, libations, games and plenty of opportunity for quiet conversation…

We need your ideas and input to make this a success….for now, you can email suggestions to Emmerichtreefarm@gmail.com…and as we get a committee together, we’ll address your comments and suggestions.

Here’s to a wonderful event this summer!


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